Jennifer Hernandez

Wine of the Week October 2, 2019

The Prisoner Saldo Zinfandel , Califonia, United States

A great bottle of good wine, especially for the price! The Prisoner Saldo Red Wine Vintage is 2017, California. The moment the wine hits your tongue, you get these tremendous effervescent spices that bloom as it sits in your mouth and lingers after you swallow. Taste is a robust baked blueberry pie upfront blending and ending with chocolate and the tang of vanilla extract. Excellent! One of my favorites. In Northern Virginia, I found Costco is one of my favorite places to buy Saldo for the price point at $23.99, even as a stroll through Target, Saldo was on the top shelf at a comparable price.

Saldo pairs great with the homes of McLean Virginia, 22101